Your Store Deserves Tee See Tee Wholesale!

A beautiful display of Tee See Tee T-shirts, Tote Bags and Onesies at our wholesale partner, Open Door Boutique!

There is a space in your store where Tee See Tee Wholesale would fit perfectly!

From the Upper Peninsula, all the way down to Florida, Tee See Tee has satisfied wholesale partners with timely turnarounds, perfect products, and customer service above and beyond your highest expectations. 


Our first store display ever, at Charlevoix Wear in beautiful Charlevoix Michigan!  Thanks to our incredible wholesale community!

In 2014, we started with two locations, now we are in over 50.

Let's give love and respect where it is due.  Kirby from Charlevoix Harbor Wear, and Jann from the Bookie Joint were the first two store owners to take a chance on our unknown brand.  I am eternally grateful to them for putting me on the shelf(visit them when in Traverse City and Charlevoix).  Since then, we have grown into a force to be reckoned with in wholesale apparel.  We all all over the state of Michigan, and slowly but surely, we are starting to take over Florida!  


Wholesale and Custom Designs, heading down to our fabulous partners in Ft. Myers, Florida!

But we are still missing one thing....YOU!

For all the stores we do wholesale business with, we are sorely missing yours.  Your store is a perfect compliment to our brand. You know what's hip, cool, and what the tourists AND the locals like.  We want to be in your store, and we want to prove to you that Tee See Tee sells year after year, because we keep things fresh, and we design for everyone to enjoy!


For more information on becoming a wholesale partner with Tee See Tee, in Michigan, Florida, or anywhere else, email us today at!

A Tee See Tee Tailgate Hoodie, Front and Center at Local Basket Case in Alpena, Michigan!