Join the Tee See Tee Revolution today!

Help us make Tee See Tee a household name!

Tee See Tee, the brand you know and love, needs your help.  We are looking for people of all shapes, colors, and sizes to help get the word out about our weird little apparel company.  We want people who understand the importance of social media, have respectable followings online, post quality content consistently, and most importantly, get what Tee See Tee is about.

"But what is in it for me," you ask?

Glad you asked, because obviously we are not going to ask you to help us grow our business without giving you something in return, that would be crazy!  Upon acceptance into our AmBADASSador program, you will receive a welcome package containing exclusive merch and apparel, a special discount code to be used any time on any of our online products, and once you start sharing content featuring Tee See Tee, we will feature you on our website and social media(in other words, bragging rights)!

Level 1: Padawan Ambassador

Once you are welcomed into the program, we will follow you to not only see what content you post about us, but to share it, and monitor the results of your content.  As your content gains attention(for us), we will consider you for the next level.

Level 2: Jedi Ambassador

Now we're talking!  As a Jedi level ambassador, you are posting quality images, videos, blogs, reviews, songs, fan-art, and whatever else you can think of, and it is generating a LOT of attention!  You now qualify for a super exclusive discount code only you can use, and believe us, it is a BIG discount!  We will also send you free merch and you will be entered into Ambadassador only contests for prizes like Comic-Con passes, collectibles, and exclusives!

Ready to join us on this adventure?  Click the link below to apply!