Want Tee See Tee for your local business, band, or organization? Yeah, we do that!



See how happy these people look?  You can have that too, if you use Tee See Tee for your custom designed and printed apparel!

Don't settle for name-dropping.  Yes, there is a term for taking a basic, generic design, and plugging your store/event/location into it.  It's boring to look at, and from our perspective boring to work on, so we prefer to build something from scratch, tailor made to your needs.


The Accidentals rocking some custom designed and printed  t-shirts at SXSW!

Tee See Tee is first a design studio, second a print house.  

This is the opposite of most companies, I know because I worked with most of them!  Unfortunately, design is sometimes seen as something without a concrete value, but we don't agree.  What good is a beautifully soft shirt printed with the highest quality inks, when the design is nothing to get excited about?  

We offer competitive pricing available in multiple tiers, from less expensive cotton tees, to luxurious triblends, and everything in between.  We are very transparent about our pricing. What you see is what you pay, no hidden fees, ever. 


Pete Farmer wearing a custom designed t-shirt for The Little Fleet, in downtown Traverse City, Michigan

The way we see it, when you are buying custom t-shirts...they should be CUSTOM.

Email us today to feel, hear, and - most importantly - SEE the Tee See Tee difference, you will never want to go back!

For Information, email us at info@teeseetee.com