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This is MI Happy Place

February 20, 2017

First off, I promise to you, this will NOT be one of those blogs that exists purely to sell you something.  Yes, I own and operate a small but wonderful t-shirt company in Traverse City called…ahem…Tee See Tee.
2016 New Years Resolutions For Tee See Tee

January 01, 2016

Just like everyone of us, companies need to take on resolutions every year too.  If nothing else, it serves as a post-mortem for what worked and what didn't work in the previous year, and how that will be addressed in the new year.  T-shirts are an ever-changing product, and a design, or color, or style that did great in 2015, may be tired and outdated in 2016.  We here at Tee See Tee are not about to sit back and say "welp, 2015 was incredible, so let's not change a thing!"  2015 WAS incredible, but there were plenty of mistakes made, and honestly, what fun would it be to just churn out the same design over and over again;) So...

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