There are no cons to Comic Cons!

Well, comic con season is officially underway, and with Motor City Comic Con, generally considered one of the biggest conventions in Michigan, ending last weekend, I wanted to share my thoughts.

Comic Con people are without question, the nicest around.  Where else in the universe do you see people of all ages, races, genders, sizes, colors, and fandoms getting along in perfect harmony?  No where, that is where.  If the world took a page from Comic Cons, there would be no wars, and peace would reign.  This last weekend, I saw the Joker holding hands with Batman, Sith and Jedi having snacks together, and Decepticons giving high fives to Autobots, Joes and Cobras hugging, it was beautiful man!  It sounds corny, but this kind of thing gives me hope for the future.

But what really puts the wind in my sails is how people react to our product.  I realized this past weekend something that I never realized about our brand....our designs make people smile.  It is weird how simple yet profound that realization was, but every single person who came into our booth to look at our products would scan the different designs until one of them(and it only takes one) really resonated with them, and then they got the biggest smile on their face!  To think that something as trivial as a t-shirt can bring that level of happiness to people's faces is a responsibility I will not take lightly.  

Because with great power, comes great responsibility:)  

Until next time, excelsior!

Beau at Tee See Tee

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