(not)So much more than a T-Shirt brand....

It's the end of the year, so what do I have to lose by being honest?


Tee See Tee is just a t-shirt brand...nothing more....nothing less. 


And you know what, I am really, REALLY damn proud of that!  What's wrong with being just a t-shirt brand?  Why do so many of my competitors feel like they need to be a lifestyle brand?  It's just weird...I am content with knowing you are wearing one of our t-shirts, I don't need to change who you are, or make you feel like Tee See Tee is in some way exclusively for those who subscribe to my lifestyle.  You be you, I will be me, and we will both rock our Tee See Tee!*totally intended that to rhyme....it may be a new tagline next year:)

I read an article recently about how people are trying to put everyone into categories.  Are you a woman?  Then you fall into this category.  Are you anti-Trump?  Then you fall into that category.  And apparel brands are doing this more than ever!  Are you into kiteboarding and being fit?  Then let me sell you this brand.  Are you into drinking wine and sailing, then let me sell you that brand!  Instead of focusing on what makes us all different, let's focus on what makes us all human beings!  I think it is safe to say we all love having fun and we all like being happy.

Whether you're a nerd, jock, skater, prep, guy, girl, straight, gay, athletic, couch potato, jedi, sith, that is A.) None of my business as the guy selling you t-shirts, B.) something you should be proud of, and C.) totally irrelevant so long as you like our product!

But maybe THAT is actually the lifestyle brand Tee See Tee represents! One that accepts people for who they are, a lifestyle brand that breeds tolerance, open-mindedness, and most of all, having fun!  Do you fit into that category?  Then Tee See Tee is the brand for you!

See what I did there?  Hope you all have a safe and happy holidays, and stay tuned, because Tee See Tee's 2018 product line is going to blow your minds!

*And by all means, shop for all of our great t-shirts, even if they are JUST t-shirts by visiting us today!



Beau Warren

Owner, operator, designer, t-shirt folder, blogger....

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