Recap of the last few years

In 2018, we took a flying leap out of the box and brought the world Michigan Believes™ the very first Michigan Bigfoot t-shirt!  It was amazing how people reacted to this design, and we even got a real life sasquatch to help us sell it!  It was also the year we designed and sold the Keweenaw Strong t-shirt, which raised over $9000 donated to the Keweenaw Community Foundation to help those who suffered after the devastating floods.  We also opened our first ever brick and mortar location, MI Happy Place.

In 2019, we closed MI Happy Place, because managing Michigan's fastest growing t-shirt brand AND a store was way too much to handle!  We celebrated our Irish side with not one, not two, but THREE St. Patrick's Day T-shirts!  It was also the year of "Be Excellent To Each Other" which ended up being one of our fastest selling t-shirts of all time.  We celebrated the end of the Avengers series by renting out a theater, and offering a limited edition "I Survived the Snap" t-shirt.  We also got to meet Kristian Nairn(Hodor of Game of Thrones and incredible DJ) with our Hodor Michigan shirts on, and we made a superfan/friend in Ming Chen, host of A Shared Universe podcast(give a listen here) and lover of all things Tee See Tee!

Now we are in 2020.  I am not sure what huge revelations will occur, which designs will end up being blockbusters, but I do know this; Tee See Tee will continue to make a name for itself by offering you, the people, something different from the hordes of "native", "salt free shark free", and "love" t-shirts and hoodies out there.  We will be exploring new directions to take Tee See Tee, we will be bringing out more limited edition designs, and we may even bring back some old designs!  Stay tuned here to see all the hot new t-shirts, hoodies, and more coming in 2020!

It's gonna be an awesome year to be a Michiganian!

Beau, Tee See Tee




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