I Stand With The Woman In Michigan(and so can you!)

I come from a family of very outspoken, powerful Michigan women.  My mom and her 4 sisters were born in Buckley, Michigan.  They were raised on a farm, and as such are tough ladies with humility, great senses of humor, and overwhelmingly down to earth. I have since surrounded myself with powerful woman, my incredibly bad ass wife for example, which is partly why the comments made towards another strong willed woman, Governor Whitmer, hit me so hard. 

I designed these shirts to unite Michiganders behind our fearless governor, and our fearless state, because in this time of social distancing and isolation, we could use a little unity, right?  I wanted to use these shirts to raise money to help not just our small business stay alive during the shutdown, but help fight this disease.  My wife suggested donating to the University of Michigan Medicine's COVID-19 Philanthropic Fund.  Contributions to this fund enable crucial support for the most pressing needs during the COVID-19 Crisis(read more about this fund here: (https://giving.medicine.umich.edu/covid-19). *Go Blue!

I am not naive, and I am sure any t-shirt that says "The Women in Michigan" referring to that woman in Michigan who stood up to our president, is going to upset people out there.  I am not trying to start a fight, if you don't like what I am putting on our ultra soft, hand printed t-shirts, then don't buy them, it's as simple as that!  

But for those of you who stand with Michigan, this t-shirt's for you!

Click HERE to get yours today!

Beau and Jennifer Warren

Owners of Tee See Tee

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