Tee See Tee 2.0 is here!

Welcome to our new site, isn't it rad?  We wanted to go into 2015 with guns blazing, and part of that is making sure you can't even think of googling "the best Michigan t-shirts" without seeing our site!  We also wanted to make a site that was far more interactive, far easier to shop from, and a site that encourages your participation!  You can literally review every single item we sell, and then you can share, pin, post, tweet, or instagram said items....I didn't even know websites like this were possible!  

But they are, and we have it.  So take a look around, let us know what you think, and please, if you notice any bugs, dead links, or missing product photos, tell us, and we will get it fixed immediately!  

Thanks so much, none of this could have been possible without all of your support,

Beau Warren

President, Tee See Tee

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