Rounding The Corner of winter(aka WINTER IS COMING)

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There is no question, this time of year I have officially hit my threshold for winter.  I’m done.  Over it.  Enough is enough.  I hate my winter coat now.  You know, the one that I spent so much time picking out?  After days of comparing, deliberating, pining, I finally found The One, certain it would get me through winter like no other coat before.  I wouldn’t even notice the frigid temps in this amazing new coat!  Like waking from a great dream, suddenly it would be spring and I could shed this portable shelter and it would all be so bittersweet, right?  Wrong.  If it weren’t so expensive, I would be burning this great coat of mine in a sacrificial offering to the Gods of Spring.

Even though some would say we had a fairly mild winter this year, what we lacked in bitter temps and snowfall, we made up for in illnesses.  The flow of snot and phlegm in our household this winter has been beyond abundant.  Much of this I attribute to the fact that we have four children going to three different locations throughout the week.  The two olders go to different schools, and the two youngers are regulars at the YMCA daycare.  When you consider this, and then add to it the fact that we are a household of six people, by the time one virus circulates through our family, it’s been at least ten days and another new virus has emerged.  We have been perpetually sick, for about five months now.  Five months!

 We try so hard.  We wash hands, we disinfect, we eat well and we take our vitamins.  However, it just seems to be unavoidable no matter what we do. 

Recently, our house was hit with the flu.  I realized while in the thick of it, that I have never had the flu and I never, never, NEVER want it again.  I won’t get too far into how my viewpoint on the flu shot has changed from this experience but I will tell you that I will be getting it from here on out.  Seriously, I have never felt that sick in my life.  Beau and I were bed bound, and we had no choice but to let our vaccinated children run the house.  At one point, our three-year old Bryn came to my deathbed and asked for a snack.  I looked at her and weeped.  I couldn’t imagine how I was going to stand up, walk fifteen feet to the kitchen, and get her a snack.  It was impossible.  I was riddled with the plague and this needy child was asking me for a snack?  Didn’t she know I was dying?  I imagined collapsing on my way to the kitchen and wondered if she would know how to call 911.

Winter is a beast, but eventually Spring always wins this fight.  I’m hanging onto that thought, knowing that we will likely see some snowfall before Winter forfeits. However, I do feel like we are rounding the corner.

Tulips In Michigan Spring

The snow has melted, the days are longer, and we are finally seeing more sunshine.  I’m looking forward to letting my stock of tissues dwindle.  I’m dreaming about waking up and sending my kids out to play without coats and mittens.  I’d like to enjoy a cup of coffee on the deck without concentrating on breathing in the steam to clear my sinuses.  There’s no doubt, Northern Michigan summers are to-die-for.  The endless days, crystal-clear waters, baby blue skies.  The smell of grass, grills, and bonfires.  I could cry I’m so ready. 

Most of all, I’m looking forward to hanging that darn coat.  I’ll be nice, I promise.  I’ll wash her one last time, thank her for trying, and then I’ll ceremoniously hang her in the basement closet for at least the next five months, while singing “Here Comes the Sun.”  I can hardly wait.

Summer Time in Michigan

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