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Tee See Tee

Midwesteros™ Pullover Hoodie | Tee See Tee x Lindsey Naylor

Midwesteros™ Pullover Hoodie | Tee See Tee x Lindsey Naylor

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To say we are excited about this design is an understatement!  Midwesteros, our George R. R. Martin styled love letter to the Midwest!

Whether you are from the Cornish Marches of Nebraska, the Greenwater Bay of Wisconsin, or the Winter Peninsula of Michigan, this super soft hoodie has your home represented in the most epic way possible, with the quality fit for whoever sits on the throne!

This design was fantastically illustrated by Lindsey Naylor, a Michigan native, who calls the Winter Peninsula home!  While you can get the t-shirts and hoodies at Tee See Tee, Lindsey is selling awesome prints to hang on your wall here:

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Our T-Shirts are considered a "Retail Fit" so we suggest you treat this more like a fitted t-shirt, and less like a boxier cut(think Hanes, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom).

Stickers are waterproof and uv coated, so you can stick these anywhere, just make sure you clean and dry the area before you apply them!


Shipping is:

$2.99 for stickers.

$4.99 for one tee.

$6.99 for more than one tee or hoodie.

FREE if you can rack up $100 or more! You can do it, you're so close!