Together Forward Bold Unisex T-Shirt(Black) | Tee See Tee

The Tittabawassee River in Midland reached an historic high of 35.05 feet on Wednesday, topping the 33.89-foot flood of 1986 and 32.15-foot flood of 2017. Both of those floods left a path of devastation, from properties destroyed by the river to sewer backups in Midland homes.

In the aftermath of the current flood, communities today are assessing damage, from flooded homes and businesses to debris left on lake beds that now remain just a small flow of a river. Midland City Manager Brad Kaye said it will take days for the water to recede.

When we learned about the damage the good people of Midland, we knew something needed to be done, so we partnered up with our amazing friends at Serendipity Road in downtown Midland to create a t-shirt that embodies the strength of this Michiganders during a trying year.  

90% of the profits from every t-shirt sold will be donated to the Midland Foundation Flood Relief to best help those affected by this tragedy.

To donate directly, click the link below:


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