Traverse City Forever(and ever)

In case you missed it, the world has been shut down for the last 4 weeks.

For 6 years, my wife and I have had the pleasure of working with numerous small businesses in our local area of Traverse City, Michigan.  These people are not just customers anymore, they are friends and family to us.  So when we hear them express their fears and sadness over the future of their businesses, their well-being, and their home town, we knew we need to do something, anything to help.

Traverse City has, for years, been at the top of so many magazine and website's Best Places To Visit lists, and while a lot of that is attributed to the natural beauty of our region, a HUGE(in my opinion) part of our city's charm is due to the local restaurants, bars, wineries, gift shops, coffee shops, and breweries that you just can't find anywhere else!  Our downtown is a haven for incredible mom and pop shops, with rarely a chain or franchise in sight, something very unusual these days!

With the shelter-in-place in effect, we are at risk of losing some of these businesses, and in turn, part of our city's character.  I am fortunate in that I have been able to stay busy, thanks to our awesome fanbase, but others have not been so lucky, and I wanted to use my resources(a safe, secluded place to print shirts, an eye for design, and a LOT of free time on my hands) to do something to help.

With the purchase of every TC Forever t-shirt or hoodie, you are given a chance to help your favorite small businesses directly.  90% of the profits made on every sale will be donated to a local non-essential small business of YOUR CHOICE.  When you add the item to cart, you will see a "notes" box.  Simply right in your favorite place, and every week, we will disperse the funds based on your choices.  Want to raise more money for that business?  Simply share the link and give people suggestions on who to donate to.  

But outside of that, I wanted to create a t-shirt that celebrated our community and put out a message of hope.  This will not stop Traverse City, nothing will stop Traverse City.  Traverse City is forever because we all stand together.

Beau, Tee See Tee

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