(not)So much more than a T-Shirt brand....

Tee See Tee is just a t-shirt brand...nothing more....nothing less. 

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Pigs get fat, Hogs get slaughtered

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Design from the Heart

I suggest to you, struggling t-shirt designers...look at your line and ask yourself if you are being honest, designing from the heart, and telling YOUR story, not someone else's. View full article →

2016 New Years Resolutions For Tee See Tee

Just like everyone of us, companies need to take on resolutions every year too.  If nothing else, it serves as a post-mortem for what worked and what didn't work in the previous year, and how that will be addressed in the new year.  T-shirts are an ever-changing product, and a design, or color, or style that did great in 2015, may be tired and outdated in 2016.  We here at Tee See Tee are not about to sit back and say "welp, 2015 was incredible, so let's not change a thing!"  2015 WAS incredible, but there were plenty of mistakes made, and honestly, what fun would it be to just churn out the same design over and over again;)

So without further adieu, here are Tee See Tee's resolutions for 2016:

-Color, and lot's of it.  When we laid out all of our t-shirts and hoodies recently, we were a little shocked.  90% of our items were either black or navy.  Believe it or not, but we are actually pretty bright and happy people!  So for 2016, we are letting our true colors shine!  Aqua, Red, Gold, Green, Pink, Royal, and more!  All the colors of the rainbow will be represented!

-Trimming the fat.  We are retiring about 75% of this year's product.  I know...this could be a really bad idea, because a lot of those items/designs were great sellers.  But if all we do is the same stuff year after year, you would get bored of us, and we can't let that happen!  So say goodbye to D-Girl, Miss/Mr. Michigan, Michigamer, Pure Boy/Girl, Fingerprint Lakes, and a number of others, as you will not see them for a while(maybe ever).

-Have more fun!  Holy cow, you guys can't even imagine the exciting new designs we have in store for you in 2016!  I am not sure how we will top this, but I can say with 100% certainty that this line will be the most incredible line of t-shirts you have ever seen from a single company!  Kitten Mitten was an introduction to our new mantra of "have fun, and try different things."  We are taking Michigan-based designs to places it has never been before, and we really hope you like where we are taking you!

-Treat the ladies like the queens they are!  We have made women's shirts in the past, but this year we found a new product that we fell in love with that is EXCLUSIVELY for women!  It is like wearing a shirt/hoodie made of butter, without the mess.  Its unreal how soft it is, and we are putting designs that are just for the ladies on them.  Guys, don't get jealous!

-Engage our fans more.  We hosted a Star Wars x Tee See Tee event in December that people will be talking about for years, and we realized that you, the shirtheads who love and support us, deserve some recognition!  We are going to host a number of customer-appreciation events throughout the year as nothing more than our way of saying thanks to you.  Stay tuned to our social media, because the last event sold out within 24 hours!  

-Keep our prices fair.  We are not in this business for the money, we are in it because we love making t-shirts.  Our mission to provide customers with an original, incredibly high-quality t-shirt at an affordable price has and will not change...ever.  That is what we do different from most, and that is what makes us Tee See Tee!

I think that about does it.  What do you think?  Hopefully, whatever you loved about Tee See Tee in 2015, you will really love in 2016!  We want to wish you all a Happy New Year, you made 2015 incredibly bright for us, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Beau and Jennifer Warren

Tee See Tee

We make this look easy...but it's not.

Selling custom t-shirts at Traverse City's The Little Fleet all summer long

When people walk into our Front Street HQ, or run into us at a gift show, holiday market, or beer fest, there is one thing they will always see; smiling faces.  But sometimes, that happy demeanor makes people assume we are smiling because our job is easy.  "It's only t-shirts after all, not like you are building nuclear bombs!"

This is true, we are making something that is perceived as fun, and even superfluous to an extent.  How many t-shirts does one person need, really?  But what we do to bring you that t-shirt is so much harder than you could ever imagine, and the stakes at risk are my three kids, and the fourth baby, who arrives in January!  No pressure, right?

This is ONE order.  Now imagine during the summer when we are shipping 7-8 orders a day.

What you see above is the end result of ONE SINGLE order.  Imagine, if you will, what a week with 6-7 orders looks like.  Next, imagine what a week with a dozen orders looks like.  Crazy, right? This is the final step of what we call "big show*"  Leading up to this designing, meeting with clients, revising said design(repeat this step 2-3 more times on average), deciding on apparel colors, cuts, and brands, overseeing the printing of every article of clothing, finishing each shirt(tagging, folding, checking for cuts, stains, etc), and finally, boxing up and shipping out.  All in all, that t-shirt you fall in love with at your local gift shop, winery, or bar took weeks, maybe even months to produce.  

Selling t-shirts at one of the many festivals and street fairs we do every summer.

But this blog is not about me complaining.  Trust me, the 7 days a week, 10-12 hour days(longer when doing trade shows), and the countless miles on the road to and from street fairs and festivals, it is all 100,000% worth it!  I am living the dream!  I get to work with the most beautiful, smartest person on the planet(my wife, Jennifer), I get to take days off any time I want to stay home and play with my kids, and I get to do what I have loved doing since I was a kid, making t-shirts!  That is why we smile, even though you may be catching us at hour 9 of a 13 hour trade show, or bruised and bandaged from a marathon session of tagging, folding, and boxing up shirts(the paper cuts are the stuff of legend...).  Every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears we extract, go into this tiny little t-shirt company, and seeing you all smiling back at us when you tell us how your Tee See Tee is your favorite t-shirt ever, makes it ALL worth it!  

Thank you for supporting us, and allowing the Warren family to bust our butts to deliver you "just a t-shirt."


Beau Warren

President, Tee See Tee


The Force Is Strong In My Family...

Star Wars world premiere.  A pivotal moment in my life as a human, and a t-shirt designer.

I was born May 23rd, 1977...two days before A New Hope came to theaters.  Granted, I was not aware of Star Wars at 2 days old, but to say my life has, to a certain extent, revolved around that galaxy far away is an understatement.  My first memory of a movie was Empire, and I can still vividly picture the theater in LA that my mom, brother Chris, and I saw it in.  Fast forward a few years later to the Christmas I got an At-At, and played Star Wars with my family.  Next came Halloween, and I dressed as a Gamorrean Guard(the pig faced guy who the Rancor ate in Jedi).  I was a chubby kid back then, so I guess you could say I could relate to that character...


My wife and I at the Traverse City Film Fest, where Empire Strikes Back was playing outdoors.

My lovely wife, Jennifer, loves to talk about when we first started dating in college, and I told her I had a couple Star Wars toys at my apartment, and one night she stumbled across my secret stash of x-wings, stormtroopers, and of course...the Millenium Falcon.  Since then she has endured several SW conventions, all the movie releases and re-releases, and loads more toys!


My son is one with the Force now.

It was only natural that when The Force Awakens was announced, I knew there was a t-shirt there.  How could I combine my love of Star Wars with my love for my hometown?  Simpicity is always key, and I wanted to create a shirt that feels like its 30 years old both in terms of the style, the printing, and the shirt material.  Earlier this week, we printed some prototypes to make sure colors, placement, and size all worked, and when I put on the first approved sample, it was a very emotional experience for me.  It felt like everything has gone full circle, and here I was, putting my love for this mythology onto a t-shirt for Tee See Tee.  I hope you all enjoy this shirt as much as I enjoyed making it.  

Tee See Tee's newest t-shirt design, Michigan Force!  Only from your favorite t-shirt company in the world!

And as an added bonus to my Northern Michigan peeps, the first 100 t-shirts sold will include a special invite to the first 3-D showing of The Force Awakens at Traverse City's brand new theater, Carmike's Cherry Blossom 14!  The advanced screening is on Thursday, December 17th at 8pm, and your ticket is absolutely FREE with the purchase of our new MI Star Wars tee!  Come celebrate Star Wars with the one company that celebrates where you're from with wear you're from!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Exclusive Premiere, only with the purchase of the t-shirt from Tee See Tee!