Meet the face of Tee See Tee(me...).

April 10, 2019 84275 Comments

Meet the face of Tee See Tee(me...).

Hi.  I'm Beau, and I am the owner, designer, operator, salesperson, janitor, folder, quality controller, web builder, and delivery driver for Tee See Tee.  

I added a new facet to my job title for 2019....Face of the company.

This is not easy for me.  I am not "shy" by today's standards, but I am not an extrovert either.  So to make a decision to be out there in front of the masses, selling, schmoozing, talking about our process and products, I am getting nervous just thinking about it!

But it needs to happen.  I realized earlier this year that the last couple years we spent so much energy on designing, printing, and delivering tens of thousands of t-shirts to our retail partners all over Michigan, that we stopped doing things like street fairs, music festivals, and trunk shows.  In our first year of business, Tee See Tee did about 30 different shows during the summer.  In our 3rd and 4th...we did 4.  

It's time to bring Tee See Tee back to the people! 

We are doing Comic-Cons, music festivals, trunk shows, and street fairs all over Michigan, from the Motor City Comic Con to Buy Michigan Now!  And when I say we are "doing" these events, I mean give-aways, contests, and Limited Edition t-shirts that you can ONLY get at these events!  I want to show you what Tee See Tee is all about; having fun, being original, and making you smile!  

So please check out our Facebook page to see where we will be this summer.  If you are at an event that I am at, please come by the booth and give me a high five, because I missed you all a lot!

*You can also find out where we are heading this year by checking out our events section!


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