The Power of a T-shirt

Tonight is the final round of The Voice, and Michigan has one of our own in the competition, in the form of Joshua Davis.  Thinking back to the last couple weeks of pure insanity(Josh paid a visit to TC, hundreds flooded Front Street to see him), I couldn't help but think of how t-shirts can be so much more than just apparel, they can serve as a promotional item, as a celebration of an event, and years later, as a memento of a time fondly remembered.  

This is why we take t-shirts so seriously...Tee See Tee sets out to put the time, care, and consideration into your custom t-shirts because we know that the people attending your event, going to your concerts, or supporting your brand deserve a shirt they can be proud of for years to come.  You would think anyone in this business would share our sentiment, but its very rare to see a custom shirt that is anything more than name-dropped(meaning its a stock design with "your name here" placement).  Let's all aim to change that, shall we?  

Take the #davisnation tee above, for example.  I could have easily just plugged some text onto a shirt, probably sold a few hundred, and walk away reasonably happy....but "good enough" is not in our vocabulary.  I wanted to create a design that felt like a movement....something so much bigger than Josh, even bigger than The Josh, I wanted something that celebrated Michigan, and our rich culture of music.  We are the home to Motown, for pete's sake....need I say more?

So with that, I hope that if you have been the recipient of a custom designed Tee See Tee, you can feel the love and thought that went into every aspect of it, from the design, to the colors, to the shirt material itself, and I sincerely hope you enjoy the shirt half as much as we enjoyed making it.

Thanks so much,

Beau W.

Pres-o-dent, Tee See Tee

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