The Sincerest Form of Flattery

Anyone who knows me on a personal basis, this blog is based on yesterday's rant session(sorry about that).

We here at Tee See Tee are no stranger's to comes with the territory, and for the most part, I have been vocal about my thoughts on trying to lawyer up on every good design we's just not worth it when our business is based on not a single Michigan/Midwest/Great Lakes based t-shirt.  Our business is constantly evolving, and every year, we will retire designs, introduce new designs, and not look back.  

But sometimes, a knock-off is so obvious, and done so poorly, it tarnishes the original.  This happened to one of our favorite designs, MIrate, or Michigan Pirate.  I am not one to say I am always original...HOMES, one of our best selling designs, is based on a great meme shirt Bacon&Bacon&Bacon& and I am proud to admit that.  Inspiration and imitation are divided by a very fine line, and I will not sit here and tell you incredible people that I have never been inspired by other people's t-shirts.  But the difference between Tee See Tee and some of these other apparel companies is that I will always try my best to improve on the original!  

Every single design out there has borrowed something, be it colors, layout, theme, or style from a previous design.  We have been evolving from cave paintings for thousands of years, and will continue to evolve.  But if we don't evolve, and in some cases, even take a step back, then the t-shirt industry will turn into something terribly boring and unoriginal.  

So what's the point of all this?  I don't know, maybe I just needed to vent, and the people who read this blog are obviously people who share my passion for cool and original t-shirts(you wouldn't be here otherwise), or maybe it is to lay all the cards on the table.  I can't promise that a design I put on a shirt will not be somewhat styled or inspired by another t-shirt out there, but I can promise that it will improve upon that design, to become something even better!

And with that being said, I can't wait for you all to see what we have in store for 2016!!
Thanks for listening to me rant, 
Beau Warren
President, Tee See Tee

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